ReaLi Tide Biological Sino-American joint venture and committed to the R&D

R&D Center

  We invested over 100 million to built the advanced production lines, which compliance with cGMP standard. Our workshop covered an area of 10000㎡,we imported automatic peptide synthesis and purification devices, equipped with 300L solid phase synthesizer, 300 mm purification chromatographic system and 15 ㎡ lyophilizer, with production capacity of 20 kg peptide raw material each batch, and meet GMP production of six separate products at the same time.


  We established our quality system ,workshop and inspecting laboratory according to the strictest standard.Our QC laboratory equipped with Waters ultra high performance liquid phase, Waters LC-MS, Agilent high performance liquid phase, Mettler Toledo moisture analyzer, Anton Paar politometer, etc. More than 80 people with doctor's degree and master's degree, we have registration and application capabilities compliance with FDA, EMA and CFDA .

  R&D team Characteristics:

  (1) Seasoned R&D team,which Accelerated development process;

  (2) Focus on the reproducibility and amplification;

  (3) Professional in project management, successfully connect with commercial production;

  (4)Following pictures are for your reference: