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China (weihai) biological industry project seminar was held in nanhai new area of weihai

  Network - weihai on August 6 (reporter Liang Qi correspondent Wang Xiaogen) on August 4, the Chinese society of biochemistry and molecular biology industry biochemistry and molecular biology branch council and China (weihai) biological industry project seminar was held in the new area of the south China sea, from the universities and research institutes all over the country more than 70 experts and scholars attended the meeting. During the meeting, nanhai new area also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese society of biochemistry and molecular biology, during which the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on the connection of scientific research projects, technology and product development and personnel training, integrate the advantageous resources of the society, the school and other parties, and jointly promote the progress of the industrial biochemical industry.



  The meeting, the new area of the south China sea and industrial biochemistry and molecular biology branch on behalf of the project docking and negotiations and signed a cooperation agreement, both sides reach the four major cooperation projects, including project application, joint declaration for all kinds of scientific research subject, at all levels for the connection of both sides of the scientific research project, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements; In terms of technology and product development, relying on the scientific research platforms of both sides, we will jointly develop drugs, food, health food, cosmetics, medical devices and apis, so as to realize the industrialization goal of relevant products as soon as possible. In terms of personnel exchange and training, a personnel interaction mechanism should be established to deepen the training of industrial biochemical professionals of both sides, realize personnel exchange and interaction, and jointly apply for invention patents, utility model patents, new processes and technologies, as well as formulate or revise product standards.



  "Nanhai new area, as a pilot field for the conversion of old and new driving forces in the province and a pilot zone for the strategy of strengthening the province by ocean, not only has unique environmental and ecological advantages, but also has a favorable technology cultivation environment and external support of national policies, which is an important reason for our association to cooperate with it." Industrial biochemistry and molecular biology branch director wang fs, said after the signature of the cooperative society of experts will provide the new area of the south China sea and weihai in the industrial development in the field of biochemical think-tank, support, the new district of the south China sea will also focus on boosting society expert quality incubation and put into production, the two sides will jointly promote the rapid progress of industrial biochemical industry.