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What are the advantages of peptides?

  What are the advantages of peptides?

  1. Easy to absorb

  Peptides, which are between large proteins and small amino acids, are the most active functional decomposition into free amino acids, while the other two-thirds are absorbed as peptides. The peptide form is superior to the amino acid form, because during the absorption process, the amino acid consumes more energy, absorbs slowly, the absorption rate is low, and is prone to diarrhea due to high osmotic pressure. The peptide is directly absorbed by the human body in its functional form, which not only consumes less energy, but also helps prevent highly permeable diarrhea. This indicates that the biological titer and nutritional value of peptide are higher than that of amino acid.

  2. Unique physiological functions

  In addition to being easier to absorb, the more important value of peptide lies in its unique physiological activity and medical care function that proteins and amino acids do not have, and it has triple functions of nutrition, health care and treatment.

  Organism of various tissues such as bone, muscle, sense organs, digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, reproductive system, peripheral and central nervous system, etc. There are active peptide, the particular oligopeptide and peptides have a variety of human metabolism and physiological regulation function, can adjust plant nerve system, activation cell immune function, improve cardiovascular function, anti-aging and so on physiological activity, also has a hormonal regulation, antibacterial, antiviral, transfer information, promote mineral absorption, detoxification, liver, nourishing the stomach, raise colour, etc.

  Medical authorities recognize "peptide"

  Improve immunity,




  Antibacterial blood pressure, etc.

  Peptide in a small amount of state, can play a strong physiological activity. Some regulatory peptides have a short half-life and do not accumulate in the body. It can be said that small amount of role.

  3. Rich nutritional value

  Active peptide in addition can be used as high quality, safe and reliable source of nitrogen directly involved in the protein metabolism, correcting the increased metabolic abnormalities, the body consumption, reduce the intake of causes of malnutrition, also has the rich nutritional value, containing bioactive substances in different active peptide has many special biological functions, in clinical nutrition support and treatment has broad application prospects. Collagen peptide is not only rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, which can meet the daily needs of the human body, but also can enhance the immunity of the human body and resist the arrival of diseases.

  4. Clinical application of peptide

  Currently, various bioactive peptides have been isolated from animals, plants and microorganisms by means of in vitro enzymatic hydrolysis. Peptides can be absorbed directly from the intestinal tract without degradation, and their absorption rate and absorption rate are higher than that of proteins and amino acids. Therefore, peptides can be used as enteral nutrition or in liquid diet for people with special diseases. Clinical nutrition treatment is commonly seen in patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction, inability or unwillingness to eat to meet the body's needs, and poor prognosis, such as pancreatitis, infectious intestinal diseases, short bowel syndrome, postoperative surgery, severe burns, etc.

  In addition to nutritional support, it is also used in clinical practice:

  Promote insulin secretion and function;

  Preventing and delaying the development of atherosclerosis;

  Delaying senility and improving memory in old age;

  Prevention and treatment of diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia;

  Treatment of gastrointestinal stress ulcer;

  Treatment of some autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.), a variety of diseases with low cellular immune function;

  Promote bone growth, treat osteoporosis, dwarfism;

  Adjuvant therapy for tumors, as well as diseases of the nervous system, fertility defects, gynecology or obstetrics, urinary system, pain, and ophthalmology.